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PAD is an all-encompassing computerised pattern making software tool that compliments the way you work. It has user focused navigation that simplifies the pattern making process and provides you with

a great experience every time. This makes the software a great choice for students, small and medium designers and manufacturers as well as international brand manufacturers.

Advantages of PAD pattern making software include;

Easy to Navigate - PAD software is user-friendly and designed to complement the way you work. No more worries on working with pattern and marker in front of your computer, because PAD provides lot of handy tools while you prepare pattern and marker file. All files/data are completed instantly and accurately.

Powerful yet affordable - PAD software is a complete CAD package that offers all the essential pattern and marker making tools such as pattern creation, grading, pattern management, frame, clone in pattern range products; marker creation, fabric simulation area, special fabric/marker treatment in marker range products, and more. From as little as £475 ex VAT we can provide you with the student version software* and effective 2 day training.

Multi-platform – PAD software is the only international CAD software that offers a choice of Windows, Mac and Linux platform installations.

Open architecture - PAD2 version 6.0 comes with an open architecture which enables any 3-party plug-in or add-on which can further enhance the functionality. PAD integrates and supports various devices to achieve better performance.




PAD Pattern Design is available in 2 versions:

Pattern Professional — ideal for professional, freelance designers and/or amateur pattern makers to produce pattern file. Take advantage of powerful pattern piece characteristics tools, and a wide range of pattern making workflow and performance enhancements.

Pattern Enterprise — serves business enterprise having big scale sample room to produce pattern file for mass production. Equipped with all the essential tools meeting industry standards, PAD Pattern Enterprise enables computerized cutter functionalities and supports reading of various pattern file format.

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PAD Academic

PAD² V6.0 Academic is an all-in-one package which includes all important functions for pattern development and marker making, allows students to simulate the process in actual production environment. Understand that students have limited budget, PAD Academic is set at an entry-level pricing to help the future generation well prepared for the fashion and apparel industry by equipping them with the best CAD software available.

 PAD² V6.0 Academic is available in 2 versions:

 PAD² V6.0 Academic Institute Version — ideal for education institute, university and/or fashion school to produce pattern and marker file for teaching purposes. Take advantage of powerful pattern piece characteristics tools and superior made-to-measure functionalities, and a wide range of pattern making workflow and performance enhancements. Marker functions are handy and yet powerful, allowing education institute to teach student how to produce efficient markers.

 PAD² V6.0 Academic Student Version — serves the needs of student to produce pattern and marker file at home or install the program to their laptop computer for mobility purposes. PAD Academic Student Version is equipped with all the basics tools meeting industry standards, enables student to complete assignment. Also the knowledge gained from PAD Academic Student Version will equips students with all necessary skills before they join the apparel industry or become a professional designer in the future.


  • PAD² V6.0 Academic Student Version has a 2 years licence supports up to 3 sizes and 20 pieces per style.
  • PAD² V6.0 Academic Student Version can not open previous PAD System file formats.
  • License for PAD² V6.0 Academic Version cannot be used for commercial purpose.

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PAD Marker Design

Developed by a leading world-class CAD/CAM solution provider, PAD Marker Design is simple to operate, allows you to quickly create efficient markers, plan your fabric purchasing effectively. The new PAD² version 6.0 Marker Design is ideal for business enterprises with specific needs in marker making for mass production. It goes beyond the basics – handles your marker layout efficiently, seamlessly integrates with PAD AutoMark Engine to create markers automatically to achieve maximum fabric utilization. You have a complete control over marker making process, generate numerous cut files for different cutters.